Brady’s Fence: Metro Detroit and Downriver Wood Fence Sales and Installation

Brady’s Fence, located in South Rockwood, Michigan, is one of the lead fencing companies in the downriver area selling customizable fences and fence installation services. Led by Mark Brady, our team of experienced and skilled tradesmen will provide the quality fencing products and services that last for years.

In our local shop, we produce every fence ordered, providing quality and customized products and installation services. Our wood fences are one of our best-selling fences because we will produce them the exact way you want.

Advantages of Wooden Fencing:

  • Many Customizable Options

    We can produce our fences in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. At the surface, we sell wooden fencing that is treated or Cedar-wood fencing that can then be modified to provide any appearance and amount of privacy that you want.
  • Best Decorative Fence

    Our wooden fences are naturally beautiful, enhancing your home’s appearance.
  • Economic

    We sell and install wooden fencing that has a far less up-front cost than many other fencing options. Choosing our wooden fence will help you save money.
  • Improves Home Privacy and Value

    Not only does wooden fencing cost less up front, but the beauty of our wooden fences can increase the value of your home while providing more privacy than most other fences do.