Brady’s Fence: Metro Detroit and Downriver Custom Fence Sales and Installation

Brady’s Fence in South Rockwood, Michigan sells fencing products and installation services all over the Downriver, Michigan area. For over a decade, Mark Brady and his skilled team of tradesman have produced fences for both commercial and residential lots with an emphasis on custom fencing.

At Brady’s Fence, no two of our jobs are alike. We want to provide you with the custom fencing that will meet all of your needs. Our work begins in our local shop where we produce all of our fences, making both our shop and fences one-of-a-kind.

How We Customize Your Fence:

  • We Work around Wires and Trees

    Safety is always a top priority, so we will install the secure fence that you are looking for by working around potential obstacles.
  • Custom Inserts

    Are you a sports fanatic who wants to represent their team? We sell custom inserts of your favorite sports’ team logos into your fence. We can put the insert, sports-related or not, into your fence, beautifying and customizing your fence.
  • Custom Colors

    We know that one color will not work for everyone, so at Brady’s Fence we can provide the custom colors you need to make your fence work well with your lot or home.

Custom Fence Gallery