Metro Detroit and Downriver Aluminum Fences Sales and Installation

Brady’s Fence of South Rockwood, Michigan has been selling and installing aluminum fences in downriver and metro Detroit since 2004. We have built our reputation as providing the highest quality at cost effective prices with a focus on custom built aluminum fences.

Our 3,000+ square foot shop in South Rockwood, Michigan is the birthplace for all of our fences. The Brady’s Fence fab shop is a one of a kind shop with equipment to build and service any fence type, including aluminum fences. Our fabrication starts with the highest quality materials and is fabricated and assembled by a team of skilled and experienced tradesman led by Mark Brady.

Aluminum Fence Installation 7 Best Practices

Check Your Local Zoning Laws

All areas are different in the types of fences allowed. We will check your local municipality and homeowners association to ensure that your fence satisfies all codes and ordinances.

Call Before You Dig

We practice safety first before we dig!

Install Aluminum Fence with its Rating in Mind

We ensure that the fence that is installed matches the required rating for your needs and requirements.

Explore Your Fence Run

We ensure proper measurement and all potential obstacles are accounted for in our drawings and prep work.

Stake the Pole Locations

Proper pole staking is critical, we ensure proper spacing and all codes are adhered to while staking the property and preparing for poling.

Start with the Gate Posts in Minds

Our standard is to start with gate posts which will ensure proper fitting of the entire fence around the perimeter. Unlike other types of fences, adjustments in mid-project are more challenging.

Concrete and Aluminum Fence

While you can mount your aluminum fence to concrete, there are some things to remember when working with concrete, the first being that you need to properly anchor your fence posts. If you don’t, then the daily wear and tear on the fence could lead to eventual sagging and overall weakening without the proper anchoring.

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